View Full Version : Problems After Recent Upgrade

2007-01-30, 10:37
I recently upgraded to 6.5.1, and now find I can not search or browse any of
my music. Slimserver finds my library ok and scans it, but when it comes to
playing music I can no longer select it like before. For instance, if I go to
browse music and press right arrow, I get the "Artist" option. If I right
arrow again it still goes to "Artist". The same happens with Album and song. On
the Slimserver page the music is all visible, but if I select something and
click either play or add, it does not move accross to the playlist page. I can
play Radio.

I have done a complete uninstall and a fresh download to no avail. Is this
likely to be a firmware problem on my SB3?

Any ideas?