View Full Version : no squeezebox

Daniel Agar
2003-12-25, 20:04
I am a poor student and cannot afford a squeezebox. However I have a pentium
233 with 64 mb of ram running redhat 9 and another linux server running the
slim server software which I love. I'm having a problem though. The 233 runs
into my stereo from a soundcard and I have mpg321 playing the stream and the
music skips slightly every 20 seconds or so but the stream plays fine under
xmms. I would use xmms but I would prefer a console mp3 player and xmms has
an 8 second delay in song changes even with buffer at minimum. Anyone have
some experience doing this so I can play the stream from the console without
skips and without having to wait 8 seconds for a song change?