View Full Version : Playlist expected behavior question

Mitch Harding
2007-01-29, 10:27
Hi everyone,

I have a question about the expected behavior of playlists.

Here is a typical sequence of events for me:
1) Load playlist named A
2) Add some songs to it
3) In the web interface (I use Fishbone, if it matters) click on "Save" in
the right pane to save the new playlist
4) In the left pane, enter a different name, like B and hit enter

My playlist B is saved, but A is erased. Is this expected behavior? If so,
is there any way for me to start with an existing playlist, add to it, save
it, and have both the old and the new playlists still saved? Within
Slimserver, I mean -- I know I could accomplish this by using a different
program for managing my playlists.

Thanks in advance for any help.