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2007-01-28, 06:34
I am currently receiving a 128k bitrate on Rhapsody streams. I'm not referring to Radio Channels but the standard music streams. I access Rhapsody via the newly implemented SqueezeNetwork integration.

Rhapsody claims their hi-fi bitrates at 160k and lo-fi at 64k. These are managed via settings in the local Rhapsody client. However, accessing Rhapsody via the SqueezeNetwork bypasses the local client. There are no options within the Rhapsody settings on the SqueezeNetwork to alter the bitrate for Hi or Lo-Fi.

If you are accessing Rhapsody via the SqueezeNetwork .... what are your bitrates? Does anyone know of a way to influence the Hi-Fi rate?

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2007-01-28, 09:25
I found the answer to this question for anyone who is interested. The link for the entire thread is here ....


In short, here's the excerpt;

"....Streams are 128kb WMA, not AAC. Here's the list again, expanded further:

192kb RAX (AAC) - Purchased tracks (Rhapsody, RealPlayer Music Store)
160kb WMA - Downloaded subscription tracks (Rhapsody 3.x)
128kb RAX (AAC) - Downloaded subscription tracks (Rhapsody 4.0)
128kb WMA - Streamed tracks (Rhapsody 2.x/3.x/4.0 and Rhapsody.com)

Chris Rimple - Sr Director of Program Management
Music Products & Services, RealNetworks "

In typical Rhapsody fashion, their marketing, execution and delivery is disappointing....IMHO. I thought there was an issue with the device and as it turns out, it's just Rhapsody being Rhapsody.