View Full Version : What happened to wired-only Squeezeboxes?

2007-01-27, 07:33
Had I known the wired-only Squeezeboxes were being discontinued, I would have bought another one right away (I've been waiting for a deal on two -- as in the past deals).

I have no need to pay for wireless capability that I will never ever use.

Please, if any of the wired-only squeezeboxes are still available,
please let me know and I will purchase them now.

Thank you.


2007-01-27, 08:24
This is a users' forum, not customer support. Even though Slim Devices / Logitech staff participate, your message would be better directed directly to the company. The discontinuation of the wired-only model was a bit abrupt, unlike the phasing out of the SB2s. But that's the way it happens sometimes.

I'm sure that if SD had any more wired-only models, they would be selling them. As they're not, I suggest you look into the secondary market, such as eBay. Last I looked, there were still wired-only models for sale, many of them new-in-box sold by discount tech shops. I would guess that the selling price has gone up since SD stopped selling them, and will probably continue to do so, so act fast.