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2003-12-25, 12:18
Ya, it sounds like you've done as much troubleshooting as anyone could be
expected to do and that your squeeze might be broken. I'm sure they will
take care of you and swap the unit out or what-not.

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On Thu, 2003-12-25 at 01:15, Jason wrote:

> Do you have a PC that you can run on the network from the server to play
> audio stream remotely for testing purposes?

In order to avoid any weirdness on my wireless laptop, I've moved the
slimserver on to a Red Hat 8.0 server. I can listen to the audio from
other hosts, just not the squeezebox. At this point, I have the
following setup:

Red Hat 8.0 server
Slimserver 5.0.1
10/100 to 3com switch

Linksys WAP11

Firmware rev. 5

I can listen to the server with xmms or mplayer from my RH9 wireless
laptop. I can see traffic from the squeezebox to the server (and vice
versa). I can modify the playlist via the squeezebox remote or web
browser to the server. Everything appears to be working correctly, I'm
simply not getting any audio from the squeezebox.

Jason Dixon, RHCE
DixonGroup Consulting