View Full Version : KDFC web stream

2007-01-24, 21:54
Has anyone noticed the change in the KDFC web stream over the past 2 weeks? Previously I got the composition and composer information on my Squeezebox; now it doesn't appear. Also now Classical KDFC is spelled as "Classcal KDFC" (without the "i") after the stream begins. Previously it was spelled correctly. Does anyone know if there is a way to get the composition and composer information for the pieces being broadcast? Does that information come from KDFC or from Slim Devices? Is the station name "Classcal KDFC" coming from the Slim Devices server or from KDFC? Thanks for any help. I'm pretty much a neophyte with my squeezebox (I've had it since November), but I've had great fun listening to Internet radio.

Mark Lanctot
2007-01-25, 07:16
I don't listen to this stream, but all the information comes from the content provider, not SqueezeNetwork. (Actually you didn't say whether you were using SqueezeNetwork or your own SlimServer, but it doesn't matter).

2007-01-25, 22:54
Thanks for your help. I listen to KDFC just through the Slim Server. It's good to know that change is from KDFC itself. I've emailed the station. Thanks again.