View Full Version : Squeezebox v3, slimserver on laptop, both wireless-G: Hassle?

2007-01-24, 20:59
Excerpting the portions relevant to the interim slimserver-on-laptop configuration of my question: "Minimum CPU/mem req for Slimserver without X" in linux/unix forum:

I'm thinking of buying a Squeezebox v3, and will need to use a modern Windows XP laptop as the slimserver for a few weeks/months. Before buying, I want to settle all my doubts that my less-technical listeners, with their laptop running the slimserver software, they can still have a no-hassle music playback experience.


- New Squeezebox v3
- Wireless G home network
- 1 modern laptop 512Mb, Core Duo CPU, Windows XP
- Will run slimserver software and store music on laptop until Linux server built and installed
- Laptop and Squeezebox use wireless
- Music collection is mix of 320Kbps OGG, 128-192Kbps MP3, some FLAC.

So, in light of all that:

1) Will running slimserver on modern XP laptop be fast enough?

2) Will Squeezebox find the slimserver running on the laptop, even though the laptop may turn on only minutes before playback, and have a different IP. Is reconfig required? How much of a hassle is it to run and find slimserver on a roving machine like a laptop?

3) Can the Squeezebox get a static IP (e.g. or look for the slimserver by hostname?

Thanks for any tips.

2007-01-24, 23:11
Haven't these questions been answered elsewhere? Please don't crosspost.



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