View Full Version : Sound breaking up and distorting

2007-01-23, 09:46
Until last night, everything was working just fine. Now, several seconds after I start playing any track, the sound distorts and breaks up severely.
I'm guessing that the several seconds delay might be something to do with a cache emptying somewhere, but why the sudden symptoms.
The bandwidth figures shown in Slimserver (and my broadband connection) all seem OK.
I'm using FLAC files and streaming these as .wav, letting the PC do the conversion rather than the Squeezebox.
Anyone experienced similar symptoms ?

2007-01-23, 10:01
If you are streaming WAV that's pretty much worst case for the wireless network - perhaps you have a new source of interference nearby?

Try setting the server to allow it to send FLAC streams instead of WAV, that's a little bit easier ... or a different wireless channel.