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Julius Friede
2003-12-24, 20:58
Seasonšs greetings all,

I was hoping to show off the full coolness of these boxes I have (1
squeezebox, 2 slimp3s), but I'll have to be satisfied with just 75% of

I was hoping that by build 12/24 the synching issues would be worked out,
but they aren't, at least for me. When I attempt to synch a Slimp3 to my
squeezebox, it takes multiple attempts to actually achieve synch. I keep
right arrowing to synch the unit, but it will not. I go navigate back up the
menu, come down again, but the synch doesn't happen. Eventually, most of the
time, it does achieve synchness, but there is no pattern that I have been
able to disvern that causes it to work. Once the units are synched, there is
still the problem of song cut off between tracks. Also sometimes, but not
always, my squeezebox will become stuck at the beginning of a track (time
remaining 3:24, 3:25. 3:24. etc), but the slimp3 plays on just fine. As soon
as I unsynch the slimp3, the squeezebox plays just fine. The squeezebox is
in a wired commection to the server, the slimp3s are wireless. I am running
OS X 10.3.2 with the latest firmware on all players as far as I know.

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Happy holidays,

2003-12-25, 02:01
Quoting Julius Friede <fauxfrenchdeux (AT) yahoo (DOT) com>:

> Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
I only ever have trouble syncing two squeezeboxes. with a slimp3 it works fine.