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2003-12-24, 19:46
I found that I had much better experience if I re-formatted, then XP
then Slim.
I think there might be some 'junk' left around from some of the older
slim installs? Just guessing, as I have 4 days of trying to figure it
out, and just re-installed XP plus everything that was on the older
All is OK now


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Reading some past postings it seems there is much
concern about droptouts with 5.0.1 and/or squeezebox.
It seems to have gone cold now - has anyone resolved
the XP issue. I am still getting 2 seconds then
mutliple drop outs - any MP3 track. Old slimp3 works
fine, Squeezeboxes (wired or wireless) drop out and
are unusable. Is this resolved by going back to
previous server ver?

As we put these into new houses for multi room audio
they need to work flawlessly - slimp3's did - new
Squeezeboxes don't - not good.

XP machine is clean (XP Pro and Slimserver - nothing else).