View Full Version : Album Groupings....

Eric Koldinger
2003-12-24, 15:56
I have to questions for you folks.

1: Is there anyway to group albums correctly, other than just the
title. For example, I have two albums called "Up" (one by Peter
Gabriel, and one by Great Big Sea). These albums show up as one if I
browse for albums, and I can't easily select the entire album. You have
to go through the "Browse By Artist" and then to the album for that
group to get it filtered out. Is there some sort of Album ID Number
that the SlimServer can use to create two albums called "Up"? Or do I
have to rename the albums somehow (like "Up [pg]" and "Up [gbs]")?

2: On a similar note, is there someway to get compilation albums from
multiple artists to show up under a "Various Artists" grouping, rather
than (or in addition to) having each track show up individually under
each artist?

Probably questions for the developers list, but I thought I'd start here...