View Full Version : mini-pc systems from IEI world

2007-01-22, 05:56
Im just posting this link for info for those who are possibly interested in building their own mini-itx based NAS server. Im not suggesting they are the best - but they provide a nice solution which works well... not the cheapest but well put together.

I use some of their systems for work - and am seriously considering putting together one for a development system - part NAS; part data acquisiton, part toy, part Photoshop editing studio...

www.ieiworld.com.tw : The company develops industrial PC solutions for embedded / rack mount systems. They have a couple of products including Single Board Computers (PCISA format) and Mini-ITX form factors (with PCI expansion if needed). They also use VIA options for low power...

The SBC's tend to be either full ISA length (PIC series) or half length... and allow multiple ISA, PCI, PCI Express and PC104 options. Some of the new SBC devices are being sold with SATA connectors; and what appears to be hardware raid support (especially on the PICOe boards). They also have fairly good graphics / video and sound support (but clearly NOT the most impressive). Most boards also have boot from compact flash support - which is nice... ;-)

The mini-itx boards clearly fit into the small footprint cases; industrial (and hence not fancy!) but nice. The SBC's can fit something a bit more like a mini-tower cut in half - or rack mount (1U, 2U or 4U) to fit your rack mount audiophile stereo systems.

Im having real fun looking in their catalogues and specifying my system... but for a price comparision I recently picked up the PCISA 6770 with 1gb ram, Pentium M 1Ghz for around 300 Euro; 200 GBP. The back plane supported ATX (the PCISA only needs +12V, +5V and GND) and had 3 PCI expansion slots... for hardware raid or daw etc. Your choice of better sound card... or wifi cards etc.


Oh IEI has a daughter company called Qnap.... ;-)