View Full Version : Weirdly non-deterministic seeming problems with album art

2007-01-21, 18:27
I'm sure it's not really non-deterministic. User errors/bugs often feel that way before you diagnose them, though.

I had thought I had figured out my problems when I discovered that directories. I _had_ all my album art showing up last week.

Now a few don't show up in the view albums view of the data. They _do_ show up when I click on the album.

The paths to the cover.jpg files contain no non-ascii characters. The permissions all look fine (and clearly slimserver can access them, since it presents the files in a different view).

I'm beginning to suspect that there is a bug here, or at least that the code responsible for this is extremely fragile. The problem is that I don't know how to get this reproducible for anyone doing diagnosis/fixes on potential bugs, short of shipping a hard drive with my tree on it.

I've noticed a few others mentioning album art problems when switching to flac, so there is _some_ kind of issue here (whether it's all user error or a bug or a combination is hard to say at this point, although I'm getting a bit less confident that it's simply error on my part).

Any suggestions?