View Full Version : Support for cue files in m3u files

2007-01-21, 16:02
Apparently slimserver does not/ can not read songs that are from complete cue files. For example the m3u playlist calls for a song:

<QUOTE\> #EXTINF:123,The Beatles - I'm So Tired
ClassicRock\The Beatles\(1968) White Album\The Beatles - White Album - Disc 1.cue,10 <\QUOTE>

That is the tenth song in that cue sheet, however it is ignored by slimserver. I would like to confirm that slimserver can not deal with cue sheets within playlist, and if it is the case, make the request for this support.

2007-01-23, 13:20
So, I checked how slimservers creates it's own m3u, when calling long media files with cue sheets. The songs in the cue are called with this format:

file:///M:/ClassicRock/Led%20Zeppelin/(1975)%20Physical%20Graffiti/Led%20Zeppelin%20-%20Physical%20Graffiti%20(Disc%202).flac#527.13333 3333333-653.693333333333

Can someone explain to me what those numbers [#527.133333333333-653.693333333333] mean (seconds???) to see if I can translate my playlists to these format.

Can I translate my m3u file?