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Ken Gray
2003-12-24, 12:39
I also now have my Squeezebox working wirelessly in 128-bit encryption mode
with my Linksys WET11 bridges in ad hoc mode (one WET11 connected to my
wired network with the server and the other connected to a SliMP3. The key
to getting it working after setting shared key authentification was to set
them to use key 1, although I'm not sure why. Another odd thing was that
the passphrase generated the same four keys for 128-bit mode, but four
different keys in 64-bit mode. My set up details:

Linksys WET11 (2)
firmware version 1.5.4
static IPs, GW
ad hoc (not infrastructure) mode
128-bit encryption
shared key authentification (WEP Settings button)
key 1 selected (WEP Settings button)
encryption filter enabled (Advanced Wireless Settings button)

The ad hoc wireless channel didn't matter; both channels I tried, 1 & 11,

Lastly, I see two neighbors are running 802.11b networks in infrastructure
mode with no encryption. They weren't there when I originally set up my
stuff. Hmm, I wonder if I should investigate dropping my broadband
connection (just kidding).


At 12:41 PM 12/23/2003, you wrote:
>I also changed to shared key, now the Squeezebox works also with WEP :)
>(with a DLink DWL 2000AP)
>At 21:24 23.12.2003, you wrote:
>>This little tidbit seems to have fixed my setup with the D-Link DI-774. The
>>default on the D-Link was "open" authentication. I think that this might be
>>the default on most new D-Link firmware.
>>It might be good to put a BIG ORANGE NOTE inside the box indicating this
>>requirement. None of my other wireless devices had a problem connecting
>>with open system authentication.
>>If I have any other problems now that the WEP is on I will report them to
>>the list.