View Full Version : Debugging playlist problems

Rob McKaughan
2007-01-20, 12:03
I've got two problems I'd like to debug:

1) I've got the automatic rescan plugin enabled & configured, but it never picks anything up.

2) Rescan just playlists, rescan for new, and clean & rescan all take the same (long = 20m) time.

What d_* should I enable for these? I've tried d_plugin, d_scan, d_playlist, but the log doesn't tell me much. I've tried adding in a few others, but that makes the lo so verbose it's tough to wade through.

Rob McKaughan
2007-01-30, 22:34

Any ideas?

2007-01-31, 01:01
For item 2 - run scanner standalone with its own debug options and slimserver not running. The output might give a hint.