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Stan Pulsar
2007-01-20, 10:37
Hello there !

First, I'm sorry if the questions I'll ask here have some kind of answer somewhere, but I've been trying to get this work for 3 days now, diggind deep in both this forum and musicip's (unsuccessfully as you might guess) and I really need to know if it's worth struggling further.

I run SS 6.5.1 and MusicIP 1.7.1 on win XPsp2.
SS using MM, and 'blank' music folder setting.

I keep MM running as GUI, because in the headless app there's no way to set exclusions (disabled tracks, books, ...) and in SS there's no way to forget about unchecked songs, like when using iTunes.

There's one problem with MM-GUI's API service randomly stopping, but I posted on musicip forums about that. Let's see.
Just to settle this, I've also checked all what follows in headless mode with whole SS cache deleted, so this wouldn't be an answer.

What I want to expose here is the erratic behaviour of this fantastic but capricious couple of apps.

My stats, shown in MM : 13002 songs (12989 mixables), 248 artists, 840 albums, 34 genres.

When SS first scans, everything matches. (except albums, but that's ok since both apps don't handle my [n/a] tags the same)
But then, songs went down to 12997, and later on, after a short MM/SS shutdown/reopen (in right order), back to 13001 (!) but this time with only 229 artists...

In top of that, trying to create a mix doesn't always work...
Sometimes (when trying from webUI) it creates an empty list.
When trying from the remote, it shows 'MusicMagic Mix (1 of 50)' but keeps repeating the same song (must be the same 'empty list' symptom). Maybe this won't work while playing, I remember having stopped the song once, retried and got it to work.

This whole flood to say that using this combination can be a real hassle, but the mixing possibilities are huge.
But my music is on a local server, so I really need this to work from the remote or the webUI (on another computer) without continually having to physically access the server to restart, rescan or whatever.

So any advice by people managing to master this would be hihgly welcomed.

Stan Pulsar
2007-01-20, 10:59
Maybe this won't work while playing, I remember having stopped the song once, retried and got it to work.

Well, after a few more tries, this seems to be correct.
So it would be a nice feature to keep playing a track and being able to lauch a mix 'up to come'.
And BTW, when displaying 'now playing' it would be easier to have this option just after a right arrow hit, just like 'add to favorites' (I already proposed this in the SS7 whishlist post)
Because navigating right, then twice down to show album, then right again to show same track but with the littel 'm' then long 'play' to start mix, this isn't quite handy.

Stan Pulsar
2007-01-23, 03:58
Well, I'm feeding this post all by myself...

I think I've find out why the stats would decrease...
I checked which artists where missing, and they all have only a few tracks, no entire album.
So I went in the settings to find if something could be responsible for this behaviour, and I did find such an option in the (newly installed) trackstat plugin. There are minimum numbers of songs for an -artist -album to be shown, and a minimum duration for the songs. I'll see if this sets things back to MM matching values.

2007-01-23, 04:18
You may be onto something for the minimum and maximum duration of songs, and I'm not sure that it is only a Track stat issue.

MusicIP imposes both a minimum and maximum track length time below / above which it will not analyse the music. I have a couple of very short clips (loops) that aren't analysed or mixable, and some very long mix albums that are the same. According to the MIP forums, at least 135 seconds is needed to analyse the track fingerprint, and analysis is disabled by default on tracks over 15 minutes. I wonder if the fact that these are in the database, but aren't analysed or mixable could account for the library discrepencies ? Will count them up this evening and see...

Stan Pulsar
2007-01-23, 04:50
Well, I checked this too. But I've 13 non-mixables tracks in MM, and only 5 tracks not shown in SS.
And this certainly doesn't explain the 19 artists missing. I checked what artists were missing (I only found 18, but that maybe my mistake, reading 2 lists of about 240 names) and they are artists with only a few songs and no album of their own.

For the moment the stats in SS didn't go back to full values, nut I decided to let go and not rescan, to see my nightly scheduled scan will set this right.

Stan Pulsar
2007-01-25, 18:41
Aaaaannnd..... nope.
I eventually rescaned to set stats back to 'full count' (13018 by 248 artists), but after a while (and probably the nightly scan), they decreased again to 13013 songs by 229 artists.
So the trackstat settings for minimum songs by artist/album... are not responsible for this strange behaviour.
This is getting repetitive.