View Full Version : Suddenly, I can't play a certain .asx stream !!

2007-01-20, 10:25

I need help on this one:

Suddenly my SB won't play a certain .asx stream. The internet radio station has played well for a long time, but suddenly not anymore. When I attempt to play the stream the SB goes black!

I'm using My Picks to the particular stream, which also holds other streams that plays perfectly.

When I use the "Tune in URL" function, the same thing happen...the SB goes black, and Slimserver needs to be restarted.

The stream i'm talking about is:

The stream plays well in my browser, when loading it there. Further the stream is working well on the homepage for the radio station.

Any help anyone?

2007-01-20, 11:38
Well, I installed the 6.5.1 version and things seems to be working again. Strange.

Still I have a few .asx streams that plays fine in my browser, but not on the SB...