View Full Version : Slimserver not dropping connections?

Bill Moseley
2007-01-20, 07:53
On Debain Sid with Slimserver 6.5.1

It's been two days since the ibook and .44 machines have been running
yet, slimserver still seems to be holding the connection open.

TCP bumby:3483->squeezebox.hank.org:44834 (ESTABLISHED)
TCP bumby:9000-> (ESTABLISHED)
TCP bumby:9000-> (ESTABLISHED)
TCP bumby:9000->ibook.hank.org:49972 (ESTABLISHED)
TCP bumby:9000->ibook.hank.org:49973 (ESTABLISHED)
TCP bumby:9000->ibook.hank.org:49974 (ESTABLISHED)

Any idea why those connections are still around?

Bill Moseley
moseley (AT) hank (DOT) org