View Full Version : Just ordered squeezebox, couple of questions on using rhapsody

2007-01-19, 21:16
Just ordered the black squeezebox, the order was confirmed and shipped the same day (today), i was shocked at how quickly they processed it, already off to a good start.

I plan on using the new rhapsody direct integration (so i don't have to run rhapsody on my machine.) I believe it works through squeezenetwork. If i do this do i even need to install the slimserver? I have a lot of ripped music but I also have that same music in my rhapsody library as streams so i am not desparate to play my local versions, i would rather have one rhapsody library to play my playlists from (i assume i would have access to my rhapsody playlists as long as they only include streamed music?)

Also, if i use rhapsody through the squeezenetwork would i still have the option of syncing multiple squeezeboxes to play the same music?

thanks for the help, now i just have to check my ups tracking every couple of hours to satisfy my impatience :)


2007-01-19, 22:35
Nope you don't even need to install a SlimServer if you only want to use SqueezeNetwork. However, there is no ability to sync this way. And yes, Rhapsody playlists will be fine.

2007-01-19, 23:27
Good to hear my playlists are good to go, didn't think the syncing would work, oh well, you can't have it all.

I wonder if that is something that could be a future enhancement if you integrate direct rhapsody connectivity into the slimserver (i think i read it might be coming in version 7), or would it just be technically impossible, even then?


2007-01-20, 08:10
In SlimServer 7 it should sync OK. You can already sync Rhapsody over UPnP.

2007-01-20, 08:15
Looking forward to its arrival.