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2007-01-19, 02:59
My Squeezebox 3 for absolutely no reason has died on me 5 (yes FIVE!!) days after its one year warranty ended. It has been sitting in the spot for 1 year lightly used and well cared for - now when I start it the screen is blank and even though I still see it through the PC no sounds come out of it.

This has been a VERY sudden death as no problems showed up before hand - I used it just the night before and it was as ok as ever...

I contacted the retailer from whom I bought it and all they had to say is " we do have some new ones in Stock " ... nooffer of any other help whatsoever...

Can someone at slimdevices be undertsanding... This is just 5 days after the one year warranty - and there is no reason why it should have stopped working so suddenly.

I still have all the accessories and retail box and everything that came with it.

Help me please.

You can contact me here : biz @ ird . com

2007-01-19, 03:58
You should contact SlimDevices directly for returns.
However, I'd be tempted to search the forums and try some diagnostics first. From your short description of the problem it is possible that the SB3 may not dead.

2007-01-19, 04:20
When you say you can see it from the PC, what display (if any) do you see on the SB3 screen?

2007-01-19, 07:27
First thing I would do is confirm that it's getting power. Make sure the power supply is plugged in securely at both ends (mains and SB). If that's okay, make sure that the power supply hasn't died. If the SB is getting juice there's a reddish light that glows somewhere, although I forget exactly where -- maybe the optical output.

Rick B.
2007-01-19, 07:37
Have you tried holding the left arrow button down for a few seconds so you can re-select your server?

2007-01-19, 12:37
Thanks for the answer.

The Squeezebox is powered properly - I can see the red light through the optical port in the back...

The SB screen though is totally blank no display on it whatsoever.

When I go to the slimserver page on my PC, I can see that the SB is there. I can power it on and off from the server, play tracks on it even check the level of the wireless connection - which is the same as it used be before, but the squeezebox is not outputting audio anymore... So it is not totally dead but certainly half dead... I am cerainly fully dead because of this though.. we have gotten so used to it, we have no other music transaport in the house apart from it.

I did send a message to slimdevices support and I am awaiting a response.

2007-01-19, 12:39
Have you tried the headphone socket?

2007-01-19, 13:12
Also ... maybe the display is dead, but not the audio portion...

Make sure the volume is up loud enough ... perhaps that's why it's not playing.

(Certainly you'd like to have a working display too ... but if you can at least get sound ... that's something.)

2007-01-19, 16:27
The sound works it was just all the way down ... but managed to bring it up from the server software...

But the Screen definitely is dead - not a single pixel is on. And I made it sure to always have it run at only the 2nd setting for brightness on IDLE and 3rd setting when working.

What can I do ? - The whole point of having a squeezebox is to be able to stay away from your PC in the lounge choosing music from the VDU.

Anyone had their screen JUST simply die for no reason ? Surely these things are supposed to last a bit longer than 370 days?

Mark Lanctot
2007-01-19, 17:48
Is the brightness setting still where you put it in SlimServer?

Also try the brightness button on the remote.