View Full Version : restarting randomly please help !!!!

2007-01-18, 06:32
Hi all,

I would say this product is most wonderful product i have bought !

but after year, it start to restarting out of nowwhere :( and recently it get restart more often ...

i figured might be signal problem but moving server closer to device seems helpless (i use wireless). i think it is not problem with signal (checking signal averaging over 90%!!)

i am frustrate now and thinking if i should buy new one (i am in shanghai and its hard to get it here)

My server is windows XP professional with slimserver 6.5.0

Thanks for those whose willing to help

2007-01-18, 06:56
by the way mine is SB2 not 3

Mark Lanctot
2007-01-18, 13:01
See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=31754

Look for an IP address conflict, also try wired and reset. I would also update to 6.5.1 as well.

You shouldn't have to buy a new one. The SB3 is the same internally, and your SB should not go bad in a year.

The SB2 was discontinued on November 1, 2005. Unless you bought one of the last ones from stock in early 2006, it is out of warranty. But check - if it's still under warranty and it's a hardware problem you may want to do something about it right now, because there can't be much warranty left.