View Full Version : IR poweron codes in Standby vs Wake-On-Lan different?

2007-01-17, 23:07
I have a Harmony 880 and set it up such that it has Descrete PowerOn and PowerOff codes and works all fine and dandy.

However, if my SlimServer goes to sleep the Display on the SqueezeBox goes black (which is fine). But the Harmony PowerOn code will not wake it up. But the Toggle Power will on the orginal remote.

Is this a bug, shouldn't Wake-On-Lan-Standby response to either toggle power or power_on?

Can this be worked around by edited the IR table on the server?

I might be able to create a psuedo device on Harmony that is included in the "Music Server" activity that sends out toggle power. But controlling order gets messy.