View Full Version : Wake-on-Lan and Sleeping

2007-01-17, 14:02
I finally have Wake-On-Lan almost working.

Latest build 6.5.1 build (for XP) seemed to help a lot over Dec 23 build I was running.

Any way the problem I have now is I setup my server to Sleep after 1hr.

But if I'm only doing Served Music the Server goes to sleep in the middle of playing music.

Is there a way that the SlimServer can keep the computer "awake" if it knows it's playing music?

Does the client need to send out wake-on-lan packets periodically to keep the server awake?

Also I'm running into bug 4424 http://bugs.slimdevices.com/votes.cgi?action=show_bug&bug_id=4424

It wakes up server, which wakes up in like 7 seconds which is pretty darn fast. But The SqueezeBox only seems to try for about 3-5 seconds after Wake-on-Lan and gives up. Seems like a trvial fix to bump this number up.

2007-01-17, 14:29
Have you enabled the plugin "Windows: Prevent System Standby While Playing"?

Technically, I don't think that sending WOL packets will prevent the computer from entering standby - although it will probably mean it wakes right back up. I haven't looked at the code but I assume that SlimServer (as described by Microsoft) listens for a certain Windows message that is broadcast internally prior to entering standby for which SlimServer should respond with a deny message.

2007-01-17, 22:46
No, I have not enabled that plugin.

Strange it's staying up tonight but shutdown in the middle last night. I'll check out the plugin.


Edited: Oops, just checked and it was already enabled by default.