View Full Version : Adding Internet Radio .PLS/.M3U stations to Favorites

2007-01-16, 17:55
I'm considering purchasing a Squeezebox. One important thing for me is internet radio. My goal is to create an easily accessible list of favorite stations. I have been trying SlimServer with the SoftSqueeze player. I'm only trying to use stations that have MP3 streams -- I'm not worried about WMA, AAC etc. at this point.

Ideally I should be able to add the URL that stations post which point to a .PLS or .M3U playlist, which in turn contain a list of the actual URLs for the MP3 streams. I don't want to put the actual URLs of the steams into the Squeezebox playlist because those URLs change frequently.

When I add the .PLS/.M3U addresses to the Favorites list I seem to get inconsistent results. Sometimes this allows me to tune to the station, sometimes not. Can anyone recommend the best way to accomplish what I've described?

I'm also interested in how the server/Squeezebox handle connection errors. For example, if a steam at a given URL in the station's .PLS file isn't working, will the player attempt to connect to the next URL in the .PLS?

Thanks in advance,
Judd Volino

Mark Miksis
2007-01-16, 19:04
You may also want to check out the My Picks plugin instead of using Favorites.


2007-01-17, 01:22
MyPicks will not handle PLS or M3U different if the M3U/PLS URL is the URL used in the MyPicks entry.

However MyPicks enables you to import M3U or PLS files and it will parse them as a list of separate URLs. MyPicks will then make a entry for each URL in the MU/PLS list. You can then select which one of the constituent URLs to play.