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2007-01-15, 15:31
SO I have itunes and slimserver set up on a pc I built with a 400gb RAID 1, along with a small fast disk for OS/programs, etc. It is serving music (everything is stored as apple lossless) to my SB3 wirelessly. All of that works fine, thanks in part to this forum.

What I am trying to figure out - and this is going to be an embarrassingly easy question for someone to answer - is the right way to get itunes and slimserver to live together. the particular problem I'm having is that I have run out of room on my ipod (again, all music = apple lossless) and want to manually manage what I put on it. however I find that if I uncheck the track box at far left in itunes to prevent the track being downloaded to the ipod, slimserver doesn't see the track either.

what I want is a way to manage what goes on the ipod while still having slimserver 1) see *all* the music on my RAID, not just what's synced to the ipod, and 2) pick up the itunes playlists. is the solution just to tell slimserver *not* to 'use itunes' in the server settings? is there an easy way to transfer playlists separately from itunes to slimserver?

thanks much for any advice.



2007-01-15, 16:24
Try hooking up your ipod and then go to ipod preferences and choose manage ipod manually.
This should allow you to drag and drop to add/delete music from the little bugger

That way you wont have to uncheck music in itunes.

This works for me on a mac, hope it works for you.

2007-01-15, 17:35
Another way is to go to Server Settings/iTunes in SlimServer and select "Include all songs" rather than "Don't include unchecked songs". That way the check marks are only used by iTunes, not SlimServer.


2007-01-16, 07:50
Awesome. I didn't realize I had that 'include all songs' option in the slimserver. sounds like that should solve the problem!

like I said, I expected it to be embarrassingly easy... :)

thanks much --


2007-01-16, 10:33
I am in the same situation even though I'm using LAME mp3. Here is something else you can do: leave your iPod set up to automatically sync, but only sync specific playlists (don't sync all). In your library, create a playlist called something like "My Synced Music". Set the iPod to only sync this playlist.

Drag whatever tracks you want in your ipod into this playlist. Sync your iPod and you are done. When you want to change around what you sync to your iPod, just add/remove tracks from the playlist. You can easily see if you have more room or maxed out because iTunes shows at the bottom what the current size of the playlist is.

A big benefit of this is that you can manage using a subset of your library with you iPod and still have the updates made to last-listened-to and number-of-times-listened. When you manually update your iPod, you lose this functionality.

I also use this feature to manage the music for my wife's iPod from the same iTunes library.