View Full Version : another album art question (sorry)

2007-01-15, 10:58
I upgraded to version 6.51 (SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11067 - Windows XP -
EN - cp1252) from 6.31 after a complete uninstall - everything went
smoothly. I use iTunes to manage the music. I have recently added album art
to all 18k+ files using mp3 tag. I also have an album.jpg and a folder.jpg
image file in each album folder (left over from the old way). In album /
gallery view when i do a clear and rescan, all my album art shows up.
However, a few days later - much of the art in the album view is missing.
When i check the file in mp3tag it shows that it's there. also if i click on
the album, the image is there. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason
as to why some albums have art and some do not.

I know album art has been a hot topic and i've done the searches but nothing
seems to answer my question. If anyone has any advice, or if this has been
fixed in one of the nightlies please let me know.