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2007-01-15, 03:10
I am using Song Scanner on FLACs, SB3. But the timing is a bit strange. E.g. if I use it to go to a point say 10 mins into a 25min long track it actually goes to the wrong place. I.e. it says it is playing at say point 10'00 but it isn't, it is actually playing at point say 10'40. If I just play the track from the beginning at normal playback speed then the timing is correct - i.e. the point 10'00 unsurprisingly corresponds to 10'00. Seems very odd - how can this be? Is it due to FLAC's VBR?

Mark Lanctot
2007-01-15, 08:48
I assume Song Scanner is a plugin - in which case you may get more help by posting this in the 3rd Party Plugins subforum:


2007-01-15, 10:31
good point - thanks!