View Full Version : Browse Music Folder - and shortcuts

Phil Leigh
2007-01-14, 14:34
SS 6.3.1
I have my music on three drives - e, f & g. In e:\ I have shortcuts to F:\ and to G:\.
Everything is fine except that BMF only shows the e:\files (all files are OK in browse artist etc).
Can BMF not follow shortcuts?
(sorry if this is a stupid question)

2007-01-15, 03:03
I have my music on two drives. I point SlimServer (6.5.1, XP) at a folder containing only two shortcuts, both to local drives:
When I Browse Music Folder I see A-P and Q-Z directories (and a non-clickable "All Songs"), so BMS can see shortcuts.

2007-01-15, 05:09
I can also BMF through shortcuts (using 6.5.1 on win XP).

There is an old closed bug about not being able to find playlists through shortcuts - its not that is it?


Phil Leigh
2007-01-15, 23:43
That's odd - it definitely doesn't work for me. BMF only shows the files in my E: drive (but the scanner finds everything).