View Full Version : What software can I use to add BPM info to my music

2007-01-14, 12:33
I'd like to add some BPM tags to my mixture of MP3 and FLAC files.

Can anyone recommend some software that will process my files en masse?

Robin Bowes
2007-01-14, 12:41
Hercules wrote:
> I'd like to add some BPM tags to my mixture of MP3 and FLAC files.
> Can anyone recommend some software that will process my files en masse?

I've not tried any of these:



2007-01-14, 15:59
Also, J River Media Center, which is not listed at the link Robin posted.

2007-01-15, 08:50

MixMeister is running now, and looks to be doing a good job.

2007-01-15, 13:12
Interestingly, while MixMeister has written all the BPM info to my music files, it's not being picked up by SlimServer.

Having just looked at one of the files in a hex editor it appears that the BPM info is kinda "double-spaced", so I'm guessing it's been written in unicode?

Here are the hex values, and corresponding characters (where appropriate) for a track's 126.02 BPM tag. Does my unicode theory look correct?

54 42 50 4D 00 00 00 11 00 00 01 FF FE 31 00 32 00 36 00 2E 00 30 00 32 00
T B P M . . . . . . . . . 1 . 2 . 6 . . . 0 . 2 .

I assume that SlimServer supports unicode tags, and guess that the specific problem in this instance is that the BPM tags are different to my other tags (as they have been written using MP3 Tag following the "ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1" format as recommended in the SlimDevices wiki) and so are confusing SlimServer?

Any views on the best solution?

Find a different piece of software that writes tags in non-unicode (whatever that's called!)?

Change all my ID3 tags to unicode, either using "ID3v2.3 UTF-16" or "ID3v2.4 UTF-8"?

2007-01-21, 06:30
Prompted by this thread, I've had a play with the free mixmeister BPM analysis tool. My tags are normally in Unicode (UTF-16) and mediamonkey (recommended, BTW) seems to pick up the BPM tags added by mixmeister. I've not tried seeing whether they are recognised in slimserver yet though.
I'm not sure how accurate the results are, though. For the example album I tried the calculated BPM varied from 85 to 153, and didn't seem to have much relation to the actual 'pace' of the tracks...
I'd be interested to hear what others think of the accuracy of these tools, and if there's a better one to try.

2007-01-21, 11:51
Would be interested to hear how you get on with trying to get SlimServer to recognise the BPM info.

I couldn't get it to show up, and I think it's because SlimServer doesn't like the fact that MixMeister stores BPM info to 2 decimal places.

2007-01-26, 06:45
I think you might be right about the decmal places causing problems. I tried stripping out the decimals from a couple of tracks BPM tags, and these then seemed to be recognised by SS (when viewing Song Info).
Interestingly, the 'artist' tag is shown as empty for all my tracks (despite having artist id3 tags) , so it looks like I've got a separate problem here. It all seems to work when browsing by artist on the SB, so I'm wondering if whether that means that SS is picking up the artist from the folder names...