View Full Version : Server 6.5.0 does not find iTunes library (is this a bug?)

2007-01-14, 10:19
I was using server version 6.5.0 having upgraded from a prior version that was working fine. In particular, changes to iTunes library were being accurately reflected in SlimServer.

After the upgrade to 6.5.0, everything seemed fine, but then I realized the server was no longer picking up changes to my iTunes library. This may have been related to the server update or to a subsequent update of iTunes (now running Software is running on Windows XP Pro.

Following the instructions on the server setup screens, I had the location of my iTunes library files and other iTunes data empty.

The first remediation I tried was "Clear the Library and Rescan Everything". This cleared the library successfully, but appears not to have found any data. I got no error messages (checked the Event Log, nothing there), just a message that the server was scanning the library that was redisplayed as the server window refreshed. But after navigating away to see if there were song or albums, I saw no indication that the refresh was still occurring, and indeed it was not. My SlimServer library was empty. I tried several times again with the same result.

I checked the location of the iTunes library file; it was where it has been, which on my computer was "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\My Music\iTunes". (Note: while this is not the default location of My Music, however it is the registered location of the My Music folder for the user SlimServer is running as).

I updated to SlimServer 6.5.1 build 11196 and followed the same procedure (there were suggestions that a bug related to iTunes was fixed in 6.5.1). The new server version did not correct the problem I was having.

Then, I explicitly add the location of the iTunes Music Library.xml file, and that seems to have been the change that corrected the problem for me.

It seems clear that SlimServer was not finding my iTunes Music Library.xml in the location it was looking. I would have expected an error.

I scanned my system; there was only one iTunes Music Library.xml file.

On a whim, I tried to *clear* the explicitly set location of iTunes Music Library.xml. A message appeared in the iTunes pane of Server settings saying that the server would now use the file in location: "" (empty). However, after clearing and rescanning, the library WAS found and successfully updated. This suggests that some residual incorrect setting was saved and only through clearing and resetting was the correct location found.

I have seen several other posts that seem to suggest problems related to this, but wanted to make sure it is an actual problem prior to posting a bug.