View Full Version : SlimServer not Working on MacBook

2007-01-14, 09:48
Hello all and thanks for your help in advance,

So, I've installed SlimServer on my Windows XP PC and have it working just fine on that computer. I'm able to access my SlimServer "website" and choose the songs I want to play on my SlimServer AND I'm able to connect via http:/localhost:9000/stream.mp3 to iTunes on the PC and listen to the songs just fine on that.

Now I'm trying to get where I'm able to listen to songs on my MacBook (and I had it working just awhile ago before my internet service changed my ip address) Figuring out that was a big part of the problem, I changed the IP address in my MacBook web browser and was able to access my SlimServer "website" on my MacBook just fine and am able to change songs around and all that jazz. The only problem is I can't get it to connect to my iTunes so I can actually hear the songs. I changed the ip address in iTunes to match my current ip address and it sorta connects and says Welcome to SlimServer and the time keeps on moving forward, but it doesn't list the song name AND I can't hear the song. It pretends that it's connected, but I know it's really not and I'm mad at it for fibbing to me. I've run into that problem before where it won't play a few of my songs because they're in the wrong format and it looks EXACTLY the same where iTunes has Welcome to SlimServer listed and the time counts up but nothing plays, BUT I don't think that's the problem here becuase these songs are playing just find on my PC AND I've tried several different songs. In addition to my ip address changing since it was last working, I've upgraded my iTunes on the MacBook. Those are the only two changes I can think of that happend since it last worked.

Any ideas or help? If you need more info, let me know, but I didn't want to list all my system configerations if it wasn't necessary.


2007-01-14, 10:39
I've tried it on my PC laptop now and I have the same problem. Able to access the "website", but not able to hear songs in iTunes. It's gotta be something with the fact that my ip address has changed. Would that affect my port forwarding? Or my firewall? I've turned my Norton Antivirus firewall off temporarly, so that shouldn't be it. Hum... so frustrating when I had it working just awhile ago.