View Full Version : Slimserver won't start from Slimtray

2007-01-13, 08:36
I have just installed 6.5 and when i try to run start slimserver from slimtray it just sits there flashing saying "Starting slimsever"

if i start slim.exe from a command line it starts and works ok except i cant see my music collection stats. The Web control wondows says

SlimServer is still scanning your music library. Please be patient as this may take a while

But it's been on that for 3 days now.

starting slim.exe from the command prompt with -d_server gives the following over and over (after the intial startup)

2007-01-13 03:35:32.4446 Warning: Slim::Music::Info::getCurrentDataStore() is deprecated. Please use Slim::Schema directly.

Anyone know what it means or can help me out here please ?

Mark Lanctot
2007-01-13, 11:03
Since you know how to start up with debug flags, try d_scan (I think?)

The scanning process is tripping up on something. Do you have recursive shortcuts or playlists that reference moved or non-existent tracks?

2007-01-15, 13:16
Sorted it.

I use moodlogic and it seems there was some problem in the moodlocic database. I downloaded and ran the moodlogic database rebuild tool and everything seems to be running fine now