View Full Version : External HDD spins up when slimserver not active

2007-01-13, 03:23
I have recently changed my setup from a flakey old pc to a Mac mini with all my music stored on an external HDD through firewire.Computer is in the spare bedroom wired over LAN to the squeezebox in the living room

When I am not running slimserver in the background the HDD stays quiet as a mouse.

When I activate slimserver to listen to music in the living room , as expected the HDD spins up to read the platters.

The thing that annoys me is if we stop listening to music the HDD stays spinning constantly.Are there any settings in slimserver to stop this happening.It only spins down when I have gone back upstairs and stopped slimserver from running.This isn't very practical.

cheers guys

2007-01-13, 11:45
Just to double check with you.

You say

"if we stop listening to music the HDD stays spinning constantly"

Is the Squeezebox on but you're not actually listening, or have you already turned the Squeezebox off?

2007-01-13, 16:05
When you put SB on standby the energy settings of your mac should kick in, computer sleep at xxx minutes, display sleep at xxx minutes and HD sleep at xxx minutes. I use an external Maxtor usb2 drive that detects when no data is being transfered and powers down accordingly. I also have an old Lacie firewire external drive that powers down when the computer goes to sleep.