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2007-01-11, 19:05

I would like to connect several IRBlasters (actually five) to the same SB3 to be able to control all the units in my home-theater setup. Is it possible to connect all the IR-transmitters in parallel to the same squeezebox or do I have to use another method?

I'm not worried about the software side, I intend to write my own plugin. It is ok for all IR-emitters to emit the same signal.


2007-01-14, 08:10
Hi Mattias

I am not sure SB can handle that many IR emitters hooked up in parallel. I'd try two first and if that works go from there. I don't think you can break anything, but I am not 100% sure. I guess it just won't work if the load is to big for the output.


2007-01-16, 13:03
Thanks for the reply. I asked the same question to Xantech, and their reply was:

Connect the output of he Squeezebox to the input(screw down terminals) of the 791-44 connecting block. This will give you additional 10 outputs.
A 781RG power supply is also needed.