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2007-01-11, 12:11
Here's an odd one.
Since upgrading to SlimServer Version: 6.5.1 - 11067 - Windows Server 2003 - EN - cp1252 (and also had to upgrade S3 firmware), the Squeezebox 3 reboots by itself usually a minute or so into the second song I play.

Basically. I switch it on, choose an album, and press Play. Then sometime in the second song it reboots itself, reconnects to the wireless network and continues to play.

Any ideas at all?
My Squeezebox 2 (also wireless) does not exhibit this behaviour. Could it be the updated firmware of the beta build of SlimServer I downloaded?


Ross L
2007-01-11, 13:47
I'd suggest you try switching your players, put the SB3 where the SB2 was, and the SB2 where the SB3 was. What I'm getting at is I believe it might be a networking issue at the location. Or it's possible theres an issue with the player, this should point us in the right direction.

2007-01-12, 15:36
I have posted a similar problem a few days back.
It happens to me as well and it is also after I upgraded to 6.5.1
It just reboots with a light electrical click...
As soon as it comes back the song restarts from the start.

2007-01-15, 13:38
I've got the same behaviour here since firmware 72 for the SB3.
Very often the display is stuttering which means that the SB3 does have connection problems. I've set my router from 54Kbit to 11Kbit speed and the problem seems to stay away.

Question: is it possible to use firmware 64 from the original 6.5.0 release ?


2007-05-06, 16:01
Sorry to top this... I'm glad to see I'm not alone with the issue.
Still happening to me (currently running Player Firmware Version: 81 on my V3)
As below, there's a light electrical click and a column of pixels lights up on the display and scrolls from left to right stopping when it reboots. A couple of times it's not come back on and using the Power button on the remote doesn't turn it on either. Only unplugging the power cable from the rear for around 10 seconds or so and plugging it back in seems to bring it to life again.

As my first post stated, I never had an issue prior to the 6.5.1 - 11067 update and associated firmware - was running fine for the 9-10 months I'd owned it.

As for swapping it with my V2, they're both connected wirelessly, with the V3 at 64% signal level (and the V2 at 51%)

[Edit. Just downgraded to 6.5 and firmware 64. Will see how it goes.]