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William Smithers
2007-01-09, 13:01
This is a second try for help.

In Itunes, I accumulated a "Classical Radio" playlist and gave names to
each station such as "WABE (Atlanta)" or "WCLV (Lorain, OH)."

When SlimServer incorporated this playlist, each entry was named as above.

But weeks later, each entry in the SlimServer "Classical Radio" playlist
suddenly had its name changed to its actual file name, e.g.,

I find this cumbersome, hard to know which station is meant, and want to
have each station named as I did it originally.

Can you help me do this?

Thanks for helpful replies.


2007-01-09, 13:43
I'm not sure I can help you get the info back - I think this is probably because of the way that Itunes creates and maintains the playlist and the particular xml syntax of the playlist.

The advice I got when I asked a similar question (about renaming added radio stations not maintaining a list via Itunes) was to use the MyPicks plugin - which works very well indeed.


Now, since MyPicks creates an opml file - and it's possible to import an opml file into Itunes, if you recreate the list in MyPicks you should be able to import it into Itunes for use there, without to many problems.


2007-01-09, 13:54
Link to a tutorial about importing opml files into Itunes: