View Full Version : DTS/Stero Switching

2007-01-09, 10:05
I have a problem with my amp switching modes after playing DTS stuff.

If i have a number of tracks queued up with a DTS one in there somewhere, it will play the stereo tracks fine, then switch to DTS and play the multitrack stuff fine, but then when it goes back to stereo tracks the Amp remains in DTS mode and I get no sound.

If I switch the Squeezebox off and back on the amp clicks back into stereo mode. The same thing happens if I move the amp to another input and back to the squeezebox. It's like the amp is expecting some kind of reset on the digital input that it's not getting

The thing is, it used to do this and I got used to just playing DTS stuff seperately and excluding DTS tracks from random mixes. But a few weeks ago I discovered that it was working ok, presumably something must have changed during an upgrade in the past.

So I know my amp can do it. But now i find it won't work again so I'm guessing that I've accidentally changed some setting or another update has changed something again.

Anyone experienced this and can suggest a fix ?

2007-01-09, 13:29
Yes, my Sony receiver is the exact same.

Since the SB does not know anything about the fact that the 1& )'s it is sending to the amp are a DTS stream, I'm assuming that there is either something at the end of the file to say that the DTS track has ended or else a header that the amp can identify to say that is back playing PCM stereo.

Just thinking about it, I'm wondering if turning off x-fading would help, although I think my amp doesn't even detect that it should go back to 2ch mode when I press stop, then play a stereo track. I have to cycle the SB or amps power to force auto detect to kick in.

Eric Seaberg
2007-01-09, 23:35
My surround receiver, Denon, has a DTS mode called NEO:6 surround which takes 2-channel info and matrices it for surround playback. It really sounds much better than Dolby ProLogic, especially in the MUSIC mode. I leave my receiver setup in DTS and it switches between NEO and 5.1 (6.1 in my case) when it decodes the DTS carrier.