View Full Version : Adding a new download link

Bill Moseley
2007-01-08, 21:11
Can someone give me some guidance on creating an extra link on the
Song Info page to allow downloading a song as a mp3? Most of my
collection is in flac or ogg, but my wife would like to be able to
download as mp3 to place on her iPod.

Is there a way to use slimserver's convert.conf and existing
slimserver methods to accomplish this?


Bill Moseley
moseley (AT) hank (DOT) org

2007-01-10, 06:34
There is no way to do this currently. I guess a plugin could be written to do this.

I think this has come up before, but some poeple get twitchy about the implications of this. Especially when you can make the SlimServer interface available online really easily.