View Full Version : Squeezebox v3 (wired) - no display or ethernet connection

2007-01-08, 12:16

My squeezebox has worked completely fine for a year hwever earlier today it jumped off of the shelf it was on and its taken a knock - since that point there is still power (i can tell that from the optical slot glowing) but I can't get the display to work and if I plug it directly into my pc rather than the network windows tells me that the cable is unplugged or that I have limited or no connectivity. I've also tried all procedures for resetting and/or restarting the box and nothing gives me a response. Can someone tell me a) is this an irrepairable hardware problem b) If it is repairable how can I do it?
anyone that can help would be massively appreciated...


Ross L
2007-01-08, 19:15

You're welcome to take apart your player and see if you can fix it. But, it's not always easy, so we're here to help. Contact support AT slimdevices DOT com and request an RMA.