View Full Version : Sb1 not connecting

Steven Moore
2007-01-08, 07:16
I'm having trouble with my sb1 not connecting in the morning.
I recently changed my router from a netgear dg814 to a netgear dg834g, I needed wireless for a new laptop. The sb1 is wire connected.
The main difference is the router remains on all the time now, previously I switched it off at night.
On start up of the server the sb remains off but if I power cycle it it connects and plays fine. I have reinstalled the server.
I have tried setting each computer in the house with static ip's leaving a space for the squeezebox. No luck.

I'm using 6.5.0, Mac os 10.4.8
Ports 9000,9090 and 3483 tcp/udp on the routers and computers firewalls are open for (the servers address).
Routers firmware is up to date.
I'm assuming it's the router at fault, I didn't have much trouble with the previous one.
Can a static ip be assigned on a sb1 rather than using dhcp? I can reserve an address on the router if this can be done.

Any ideas?