View Full Version : Qnap QBack25

2007-01-08, 06:33
Anyone seen the recent announcement of the QBack25?


Allegedly a small USB backup disk facility for your PC... and Turbostation (this may be the TS102 which was once rumoured).

2007-01-08, 06:38
Optional 2.5” hard disk required: 20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, 100GB, 120GB or 160GB
Only up to 160GB?

2007-01-08, 09:23
Probably because it is 2.5" technology which tends to be smaller GB sizes. :(

But there might also be a 3.5" version...

2007-01-10, 06:25
if it can use a 160gb disk, it should be able to use the 200gb 2.5" drives as well. Manufacturers hardly ever seem to list the highest capacity drives, probably due to development and testing cycles.

2007-01-10, 07:25
And it maybe power / temperature ratings to ensure it does not overheat?

2007-01-11, 08:33
the drives have to conform to much tighter power and thermal requirements for use within laptops, so i wouldn't worry about that :)