View Full Version : Question for Jim C

2007-01-07, 14:44
Howdy Jim, I fairly new to this forum and Slim Devices. I did buy a Sb3 and have it up and running smoothly. My question to you is regarding the new technology by Pioneer (Sound Retriever) and Yamaha (Compressed Enhancer) I was hit pretty hard about stating the claims of this technology and how they are able to restore/enhance the sound of compressed music to the level of CD's. If you read my other thread of Smiles and kisses you could get a Ideal of what occured, but that thread took on a life of its own. So I rather start here with you since you are in the position to possible gain insight on what Pioneer and other AV compaines are offering/selling. I feel with receivers being able to bring compressed audio to CD levels this could be the vehicle to bring SB to the masses or could it be the death of this type of music transport.