View Full Version : SB3 has arrived and how good?

2007-01-06, 05:58
Brilliant is the answer! I am as pleased as a very pleased person could be.

Technology for me is only as good as it is usable. So having set up the SB on the network I handed the remote to my wife, who is a confirmed technophob. It is a testament to the design of this system that my wife was able to select albums, artists, internet radio stations in seconds. She was thrilled with music being so accessible!

At least her reaction lets me off the hours I've been sweating and swearing over the linux build problems I had! She now understands.

All that remains is to sort out the NFS connectivity problems, so I can get more music on to the server.

2007-01-07, 02:33
I've always had better luck using Samba for filesharing, even from Linux to Linux. It's much more elegant than NFS.

It's not elegant in any kind of absolute sense, mind, but compared to the ancient and crufty NFS, it's a pearl. :)

2007-01-07, 03:38
One thing though, is that Samba in many configurations is *so* much slower than NFS...