View Full Version : "Use iTunes", Album Artist, and Album Sort

2007-01-05, 19:02
I'm using iTunes 7 to manage my MP3 collection and use the "Use iTunes" option in SlimServer 6.5. I set my artist value in the MP3's so that they sort by last name (e.g. Lee, Geddy) in both iTunes and SlimServer. I recently discovered that if I filled in the iTunes "Album Artist" field for the songs to be values like "Geddy Lee", then they still stay in last name order but the Cover Flow view of the files shows the Album Artist value. Cool.

The downside is that in SlimServer, it's using that Album Artist value for the displayed artist name (nice) but also for the artist sorting (not nice). When I add a TSOP value to the MP3s, that gets ignored, so Geddy Lee still shows up under G instead of L as I would have expected.

Turning off "Use iTunes" gets everything back to the way it was before I started filling in Album Artist, but I lose the playlists (and I don't want to deal with writing some utility to auto generate m3u's from the iTunes xml whenever I do an update in iTunes). The reason I don't set artist to Geddy Lee in iTunes is that iTunes doesn't support an artist sort field like TSOP.

Is there a way to keep "Use iTunes" on and have SlimServer use the artist sort values for sorting?