View Full Version : A solution to ALAC problem a step closer

2007-01-05, 10:58
As I mentioned in another thread, I have had a problem playing some of my ALAC files. I have a Transporter running 6.5.1, and a Mac Mini. Slimserver and the Transporter see the ALAC files, but they wont play. I'd guess around 100 of the 600 albums ripped are a problem. (I'm not using iTunes)

So I thought I'd try and convert an album (which did not work, using MAX) to FLAC, now the FLAC files will play, where the ALAC file didn't.

Now, upon converting the ALAC file to FLAC, I sent the converted file (FLAC) to the same folder as the "unreadable" ALAC file. Of course, now I have a duplicate of all the songs. But...not only do the FLAC files play, the ALAC files are now playing as well.

Why do the ALAC files become playable after conversion? Anyone run into this? Any suggestions?