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Dean Barrett
2003-12-22, 05:22
B*ll*cks just read the your message properly :(

I'm now guessing it could have something to do with the version of the
server software you are running. Is it a nightly you are using or the
software that came with the Squeezebox ?


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Subject: [slim] DABbar / Wavefinder help please

Hi All, could anyone point me in the right direction with this problem?

Setup: Windows XP SP1, Squeezebox (5.0.1), Wavefinder and DABbar 1.3b.

I followed the FAQ instructions to integrate DABbar with the Slim Server
and copied the .pls file into the \playlists folder.

Problem: When I choose a radio station the Wavefinder retunes to the
correct station, buffers for a several seconds then plays the stream in
short, speeded-up bursts with periods of silence in-between.

.pls file is exactly as in the FAQ, I can hear the stations fine in the
DABbar application and the web server is running fine on 8080.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.