View Full Version : RSS / Weathertime Screensavers not working

2007-01-05, 01:10
I have a Buffalo Linkstation II running Openlink firmware and Slimserver 6.3.1. Everything is fine with that setup and my wireless Squeezebox streams music excellently.

However the RSS and Weatehrtime screensavers will not function. RSS works when attached to the Squeezenetwork but not when disconnected - get a 'cannot parse URL' error. Weathertime seems ok and I have configured it with my userid etc through Slimserver but this displays a 'cannot get forecast' message. I can ping (and wget) to an external IP address so I know the Slimserver is communicating.

Any ideas please.

2007-01-05, 14:05
Durrr, what a plonker.

I didn't have either my gateway ip address or isp ip address in resolve.conf

Could wget and ping ip address but not get dns lookup back.

Solved and happy.