View Full Version : Internet Radio Only with SB and mStation Tower 2.1?

2007-01-03, 21:44
I'm thinking about getting another Squeezbox for work to feed an all in one speaker/amp system that is an mStation Tower 2.1 (it has line-in and iPod dock). If I want to feed it Internet Radio like Live365 or Radioio do I have to have Slimserver running on a computer all the time? Could I just set it up once or does Slimserver need to be running somewhere (my desk PC) on the LAN?

I kind of doubt the IT guys will let me get on the work network, with a computer acting as a server, and I suppose bandwidth could be a concern of theirs. I could run a line-out from my laptop to the mStation Tower I guess. But I think a SB would look great sitting on the tower.


2007-01-03, 21:47
If all you want to do is Internet Radio, just connect it up to SqueezeNetwork. No PC required. :)

2007-01-04, 05:05
Thanks for the easy solution. Now I need to order one of the new Black SB's!